Google Street View Driver Breaks the law

Hey Google, @GoogleMaps Tell the streetview car driver who was working NE Winnipeg this morning (Monday May 26 11:45AM) he is an idiot for me. Failing to stop at stop signs in residential neighbourhoods. Speeding on residential streets (sure looked like he was going over 50 km/hour to me). Speeding down back lanes (speed limit […]

Kudos to Lifelock

It almost seems too good to be true. Lifelock deletes their customer data and stops distributing their app because they are worried that it may not have been stored in a PCI DSS compliant manner! You have to think that there must have been other drivers as well, otherwise why not attempt remediation of the […]

“Microsoft” Phone Scam

This was originally posted April 2011. It might be a little out of date. CBC TV news report on a scam that I know a partial victim of (It was NOT me! lol). Very convincing. You get a call from “Microsoft” telling you that your internet service provider has noticed that your computer maybe […]