Best Buy Contest “SpringTechChat” March 2015


On March 25, 2015 Best Buy Canada ran a contest titled SpringTechChat with Microsoft and Intel.

Best Buy published details of the contest here.

A “frozen” time stamped version of the contest details and rules is available here (just in case the copy at Best Buy’s website is accidentally deleted or modified).

A quick review of the contest will show you that it was probably hastily thrown together and the rules likely “copy and pasted” from numerous existing sources.  The rules are a formatting mess, they mention several different time zones and make references to sections that do not exist.


Why do I personally care?  Because I was initially awarded the prize but with no explanation to me, all traces of me winning it were erased from Best Buy’s twitter timeline.  Ironically, I think I was the only entrant who met ALL of their confusing and conflicting requirements.

I have attempted to contact Best Buy, but they have been unresponsive to phone calls, twitter messages, emails and web site attempts to establish communication with them.

During this contest, I believe Best Buy Canada:

  • failed to award the prize as indicated in their contest rules.
  • made a representation to the public that is false or misleading.


BestBuy web site said:

What BestBuy actually did:

Winner Selection Rules:   1.The selected entrant will be randomly drawn from eligible entries within 30 minutes of the contest end time, at approximately 9:05 pm (EST) March 25th at Best Buy’s head office, at 8800 Glenlyon Parkway, Burnaby, BC. BestBuy selected the winner one hour earlier than indicated at approximately 8:05 EST. Before the contest ended at 8:59EST?  
It’s easy to register. Just let us know in the comments section below and include your Twitter handle to get a reminder when the event is starting. We’ll be drawing for a brand new Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 too! Just register in advance and you’ll be eligible to win! Best Buy hid a couple additional entry requirement in the fine print rules that is not the “easy to register” description at left.

1.Entries may be made online on Twitter between 11 a.m. on Tuesday, march 24th, 2015 and 8:59 p.m. on Wednesday, March 25th 2015 (EST) (the “Contest Period”)

And this fine print disagrees with their other fine print. Here they say you can enter Tuesday, they say elsewhere that the tweet has to be Wednesday only

One fine print says “tweet”, the other fine print says “reply to tweet”.

…“replying to one of the Tweets sent out by @BestBuyCanada between 8.00 and 8:59pm (EST) (tweet) and including @BBYCanada in their reply as well as one of the Contest hashtags, #SpringTechChat.” BestBuy eventually awarded the prize to a participant who did not send a tweet between 8.00 and 8:59pm (EST)I get the feeling that Best Buy Canada cut and paste some rules here and maybe they meant a different time zone and that is why I was de-selected?
4. Should the prize winners fail to comply with any of the requirements set out in paragraph 13, their applicable prize will be automatically forfeited and the officials will select another winning contestant. BestBuy selected, announced and promptly forfeited a prize winner who was in compliance with all contest requirements. Best Buy then selected another winning contestant although there is no paragraph 13 in the rules or requirements.


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