Google Street View Driver Breaks the law

Hey Google, @GoogleMaps
Tell the streetview car driver who was working NE Winnipeg this morning (Monday May 26 11:45AM) he is an idiot for me. Failing to stop at stop signs in residential neighbourhoods. Speeding on residential streets (sure looked like he was going over 50 km/hour to me). Speeding down back lanes (speed limit is 30 km/h)

I am presuming the car’s journey is being tracked and recorded with geo-coordinates and rate of travel? (Free PRO Tip:  If not, you may want to consider doing so, as it would make assembling the streetview data MUCH easier!) Someone lookup this guy’s driving history, it looks like he rolls on through more stop signs than he stops at. My daughter (who is taking driving training) recently informed me that not only do you need to come to a complete stop, but you need to stop prior to the pedestrian sidewalk, not at the stop sign.

Why would you pay someone to drive who does not follow the rules of the road?

Maybe he could use @NokiaMaps on a cell phone in the car to help him with the speed limits? I know mine goes “BING” whenever I exceed the speed limit.

Or maybe the car is driving autonomously? If so, I am a little disappointed and someone needs to check the code.
UPDATED with new info from Wired Article: The autonomous car is “aggressive” at stop signs and the car will “drive above the speed limit”. Maybe that guy was just along for the ride! Nope, the autonomous car will supposedly slow for potholes and this guy was brake-impaired.

Stop sign rolling, speeding lawbreaking robots!

Stop sign rolling, speeding lawbreaking robots!



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